Kick-2 Review

Movie Review, News, Reviews on August 21, 2015

Kick movie comes with no  expectations and gives huge result for Ravi teja career. Now, he believes same director with same movie sequel Kick-2 released in today.Does it meet the requirements in audience or not will see in below review                            Doondy Rating : 2.0/5

Movie Plot : Robin hud(Ravi teja) who wants always comfort working as a doctor at America.He have a desire to build a own hospital for him by selling all the properties in India.

When he comes to India on that process he got accident and he have no chance to go to America for some time.During that period he saw Rakul and gradually falls love with her by using Pandit Ravi Teja (Brmhanandam).She got kidnapped on the hands of Villains and put her in a Village.

When Robbin hud enters into that village he going to know That kidnap is a drama and played by Rakul for to save her village people from the hands of Solemon Takur.

Solemon Takur is a person always treat a village people as slaves.After getting know this Raviteja not interested to save her village.After what happen?Will Ravi teja Get back to Village or not watch on big screen.

Plus Points :

                       * Entertainment

                       * Ravi teja’s energetic performance

                        * Production values

Minus Points :

               * Editing

                * Missing clarity on some scenes

                * Slow Narration

Doondy Word :This movie can’t reached Kick movie standards.But,you can enjoy the film without any comparisons and expectations.


Doondy Rating : 2.0/5

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